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1) What is the paper quality of the poster prints?

Answer: They are printed on photo print paper.

2) What are the dimensions of the packing material?

Answer: In general, we ship the posters, rolled in a PVC plastic tube. The diameter of the tube is 2.5”, and the length of the tube is the length of the poster with an additional space of 1” to 2”. For smaller sizes, we may use flat covers. 

3) How do you ship the posters?

Answer: For shipments within India, we send them via reliable courier services such as Professional Couriers or DTDC Courier Service. For international shipments, we send them via EMS Speed Post.

4) Do you ship posters outside of India?

Answer: We offer poster print shipments to the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. For shipments to countries other than the ones listed, please use the Contact Form to request a quote. We will estimate the shipping costs and send a separate quote. For international shipments we limit the number of poster prints in one single order (in the Shopping Cart) to 5 due to package weight restrictions. If you wish to order poster prints more than 5, please place another order via our Online Store in a separate Shopping Cart.   

5) How long does it take for posters to be delivered?

Answer: Upon receipt of the payment for the poster prints, it will take 5-7 days for shipments within India. For international shipments, it can be between 14-18 days. 

6) How do you notify once the poster prints have been shipped?

Answer: An email will be sent with the courier details and the shipment date.

7) Do you laminate the posters?

Answer: We do not undertake lamination of the poster prints.

8) Do you frame the posters?

Answer: We do not undertake framing of the poster prints.

9) Can posters be returned?

Answer: We do not accept returns or cancellations of the poster print order/s once the payment has been made.

10) Do you sell original artwork of Bapu?

Answer: We do not sell original artwork of Bapu.

11) Who manages Bapu's artwork?

Answer: The family of Bapu manages his artwork & copyrights. Please feel free to contact us at

12) Can the items on the Online Store be resold?

Answer: The items on the Online Store are not for resale. The poster prints are for private display purposes only. For other commercial and other purposes, please contact us via the Contact Form for suitable terms.